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Thursday, April 06, 2006
Dialling The Sun
The signs are becoming clearer and clearer, and I'm now able to navigate through this path much better. There is the occasional speedbreaker, but one always learns something. Well, without wasting any more of your time, O Jungle Wild, these are my discoveries of the day:

1. The wavefunctions of a quantum-mechanical electron, when expressed as here, look like sunsets bifurcating through a quantum mechanical lens, which is the string theory "string". It is no wonder then, that they resemble Chaldni's cymatic figures, and also the infinite set diagrams of John Venn, expressed progressively. What does this mean? Is it the same sun I see when i close my eyes?

2. Mr. Miniver's Problem led me to the work of Jan Struther (Joyce Maxtone Graham). Raja has mentioned both Joyce and "dial-in" to RG in his feedback. Graham rings a Bell too. So perhaps the next show will be over a dial-up! Here is an excerpt from Sycamore Square and Other Verses, a section called Dialling Tones:

[London telephone exchanges had names, before the introduction of all-digit telephone numbers.–R.M.G.]


When I dial V-I-C,
Here's the dream that comes to me:

Leisured world where no one hustles,
World of crinolines and bustles,
Jingling hansoms, spanking hoofs,
Planeless skies, unaerialled roofs;
World of whiskers and of waists,
Drawing-room songs, domestic tastes,
Low taxation, high ideals,
Narrowed creeds and bloated meals;
World of wax and wool and tartan,
Sound and safe beneath the Spartan
Rule of Her who quite refused
'Gainst her will to be amused. . . .

Here's the dream that comes to me
When I dial V-I-C.

What's going on here? I have no idea.
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