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Tuesday, April 04, 2006
The Idiot Returns
The IIHMC newsletter is just out and features a quote by Fadereu on the Varanasi blasts. Download it as a PDF here.

And this blurb turned up in the mail:

Storytelling is a calling. It is appalling that Rohit has a laptop
that does not have a powerpoint presentation, but a rambling account of
obscure events in 1910, which he claims is a story. To distract viewers he
not only gave his moustache a Dali-esque twist, but wore a turban. Instead
of reading out of the pages of a neatly bound book, in a manner that
befits a writer, he pretended to convert digitized text into analog
speech - letting loose a volley of utter nonsense. At the end of it, when I
mentioned Joyce and Finnegan he nodded animatedly, instead of calling me a
snoot and a name-dropper. Clearly he is a crook. But, but, but if you are
bored out of your wits, you can dial Rohit to substitute the idiot box
with a live idiot. In an age of packaged content, trade your personal
plasma screen for a performance, and should Rohit fail to deliver, God
promise, full-paisa wapis.

- Professor Raja Mohanty
Industrial Design Centre

On the show at IDC auditorium,
IIT Powai. 3rd April 2006

The Art Of Whistling, by DJ Papa (lovely piece!) [Download MP3]
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