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Monday, March 27, 2006
Flute Beatboxing a.k.a Tim Barsky
I'm going to try and pick up some BeatBoxing with the help of these stunning vid-toots by TyTe, E-in-C of the Human BeatBoxing website. I'm also quite impressed by Mr. Tim Barsky, or whatever I have seen of his flute-beatboxing (mp3 of solo) on his website. He also appears to have many similarities with my own show. Except that I use a laptop instead of a flute. It's not easy from the sound of it:

You regulate 3 streams of air- one through your mouth, and one through each nostril. By applying different airflows through the nose, mouth, nasal resonators, and chest cavity, it is possible to create an illusion of tandem instruments- a “bass” line that is separate from the “drum” or the “high-hat”, and vice versa (This is basic beatboxing- the innovation comes in integrating the flute). And you have to do it while maintaining proper embochure and air pressure for the flute.
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Blogger objet petit M said ..

massive cool!

next AlgoMantra will not be silent. It will be festival where the is ONLY music ...

4:37 AM 
Blogger Dave J. said ..

Fascinating. Inspiring. So innovative what with the fusion of the two different yet so similar formats.

8:39 PM 
Blogger Fadereu said ..

yeah, very cool.

however, when I downloaded the video, I was slightly dissapointed.

This performance relies too much on music and beatboxing by Kid Beyond, Tim Brsky himself doesn't seem to be a very good writer. He's more of a multi-instrument musician who delves in poetry.

Maybe it looks better LIVE.

Sigh! The website looked so inspiring.

8:49 PM 
Blogger Fadereu said ..

after having practised some of the ideas in Tim's work, I have come to the conclusion that he is at least right about one thing.

Something he says but does not do while reciting. This particular idea:

"The problem is that when you blow into a flute, you create a column of air. That column of air vibrates, producing sound. The length of the column of air changes depending on your fingering, which in turn effects the pitch of the sound. Every different fingering has a different set of resonant frequencies which are called an overtone series. When you beatbox or hum into flute, you create a column of air inside your body. The frequency of the noise created must be in tune with the overtone series for the flute, which changes depending on the fingering. If it is not, the column of air inside the flute, and the column of air inside your body go out of phase- they cancel each other out and you either get no beatbox noise, or no flute tone. Since your fingering changes all the time as you play different notes, it’s necessary to learn how to subtly alter the harmonic qualities of your beatbox in real time. To really do it, you have to work out the full series for all 12 Keys, with all the possible fingerings, and all the different combinations of mouth and vocal sounds."

- Tim Barsky

No, you do not have to work out anything. You have to believe it can be done.

listening to: Frank Zappa/ You are what you is.

4:08 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said ..

i'm sorry you don't find the show up to par... all i can say is that a fair number of people (7000+), & numerous bay area critics (sf chronicle, sf-bay guardian etc.) felt differently than you.

That having been said, i'm glad you like some of the ideas i'm working on with the flute. Have fun, and let me know if you find something new out.

We're working on site overhauls in the upcoming weeks (a lot of the material is about 5 years old at this point). Hopefully we'll have some examples up that're more to your liking.
Tim Barsky

12:14 AM 
Blogger Fadereu said ..

i'm sorry you don't find the show up to par... all i can say is that a fair number of people (7000+), & numerous bay area critics (sf chronicle, sf-bay guardian etc.) felt differently than you.

Thanks for dropping by, Mr. Barsky. I did not comment on the show, but rather on the video, which are two very different experiences, I'm certain.

I meant to say that you are a better musician than a writer, and I am the other way round.

I'll look forward to what new stuf comes up on your website.


2:53 AM