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Sunday, April 02, 2006
A hollow that teems with animals
I realised that I can sustain some throat frequencies, and with practice I could merge it with textual renditions. I have been reading and dreaming mostly, as usual, but I find myself going for a standing column sometimes while drifting to sleep. Download the pilot program, Trinity, while I close my eyes.

It is not suprising that I had foreseen the ThereminVox in my head before I got to the Wikipedia entry. I had, in fact, thought of wearing magnetoid-rings in my fingers to excite the wasted frequencies of a radio receiver. In this interview with the inventor Leon Theremin, you might get brainfucked on the Einstein reference.

The Tuvan national anthem Tooruktug Dolgaï Tangdym or
The Forest is Full of Cedar Nuts is somewhat inspiring in this regard. When you play the RealAudio, let him begin and wait for the changes. By the time this guy is done, your chemistry will have altered.

There in the mountains, the
cliffs, the taiga, I was born.
Because of that I am strong.
I will raise my livestock
and be rich.
Nine different animals -- If I herd
them and feed them
And take care of them as my
own -- I'll be rich.

And Leon Theremin was one of the "taiga" inmates in Russia. Capiche?

1. A Theremin Song: SleepWalk
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3. Art's Theremin Page: Very nice.
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