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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Black Electronic, Goa Polymetric
Looks like Bombay doesn't have either the freedom or the audience for our shit. Thinking of hitting Goa, since we don't have much time left. Need to start the money-clock soon.

We are now reading "Roots & Wires" Erik Davis's paper on African rhythms and wondering, wondering...have we been honest enough with ourselves? Did we do the right thing by not taking up Debonair? (Oh, we're sure of that. Heh!) Doo-wop or zum-die, liebchien.. Nous-phere! The Ka-Ka-Ka-Ka-Nights of Nous! Deleuze! Deleuze!!!! Republik of Looz! Aka-aka-mooz? Kon-fooz. Mahfooz. Ba-ba-ba-ba-booz. A million platooz. Aks-aks-aks-Ex-kooz!! This shit is so quotable, even in it's quotes...we are reading the whole thing, AGAIN.

Want Jantar Mantar in Hindi? Boom/Chika/Boo/Chicka/Bhush

जन्तर मन्तर देख सिकन्दर

इस छोटे कमरे के अन्दर

खोपड़ी कि खिड़की खोल, बाहर झाँक!

कमरे मेँ बन्द, हम सब हेँ, बन्द आँखेँ चन्द

गाँन्धी के बन्दर, सुनो कहानी –

जन्तर मन्तर, भविश्यवानी

सब हो जाने के बाद,

सौ साल के बाद, भूल जानी तब तक

फिर सुनानी, दास्तान्-ए-गँगानाथ त्रियम्बक.
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