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Friday, March 31, 2006
Lemembering Stanislaw Lem (RIP)
So the Jantar Mantar opens Monday night at IDC, IIT Powai. Yes, the same place Soum and Fad raided with AlgoKreeda during the TechFest last year. I'm posting the link to that 16MB video again. [LINK]

Let me rephrase that - Wheeee!


Sadly, one more of the best players has finished his show and gone back home to the starmaker. Stanislaw Lem, scifictionist extraordinaire has been decommissioned from planet Earth. His job on earth was to document almost the entire 20th century: Stanislaw Lem, writer, was born on September 12, 1921. He died on March 27, 2006, aged 84.He leaves a widow and son.

Excerpt from a nice obituary in The Times of London:

Stanislaw Lem was born in Lwow, in the newly independent Poland (later to become Lvov, in the Soviet Union, now Lviv, Ukraine) in 1921. He was born into a doctor’s family, and at first intended to follow in his father’s footsteps. But his studies at Lwov University were interrupted in 1941 by the German invasion.

Thereafter he became a garage mechanic: “I learnt to damage German vehicles in such a way that it wouldn’t immediately be discovered,” he later said. Within a decade he would start doing something very similar, with his tales, to the hard-line communism which held his country in its grip after the end of the war.
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