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Saturday, January 15, 2005

What is AlgoKreeda?

It's a very simple game. You can design your own variations on it. Using a simple three or four-step algorithm, a bunch of people move around in a square grid. They carry fragments of a message with them on a piece of paper, and every time they cross each other, they show each other the information they possess. Soon, someone figures out the complete message and raises an alarm. If it's correct, he stays in, and if it's erroneous, he goes out of the grid. The game resumes or restarts.

What do we need to play AlgoKreeda?

Just a bunch of people, a space, and some stacks of paper. It can be 2 people or 200 people, depends on your social capital.

I'm getting the picture, so describe a scenario.

You're quick! Imagine this - a 20x20 square grid that has been painted on a field or verandah. People start entering the grid at preset points, and travel like electrons in a computer circuit, following a very simple algorithm, something like:

first street right
second street left
first street left

Everyone carries a fragment of a message - a word, a phrase, but not the complete message. Everytime they meet, they compare notes, and their cache of the messages grows until someone figures out the complete message.

More soon! Keep watching this space..
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