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Thursday, June 29, 2006
tsk tsk brrrrraaaaaaoooOtskOOOOoo!! tsk
I was walking around making the lion roar, when the sounds I need started coming to me...meditating, warming itself upon the cushion of the electric bulb sun in the airconditioned virtuality of 304 was a giant fly!

I have the scratch sound in many levels now. The only thing I need now is simultaneity of two instruments and if you look to the right, it seems like an interesting ensemble, yes - this is apparently what mine (and everyone else's) larynx-sharynx lux-like.

An insect warmeth the mouth of the shower, and it also moves depending on the temperature of the spout. It likes the heat. Will global warming lead to the Biblical starlings coming in like black suns from Jatinga? There is a smaller House-fly on my fl00te!! w00te! A dark whisper comes from the past of Superman:

So scheiden sich die Falschen von den Echten
Ich greife in das Fibelnest hinein
Und gebe dann den Guten und Gerechten
Mit meiner Formel Segen und Gedeihn.

And all who are full of impudence during the day
Are made small by the magic formula!
They draw shining steel - but instead of going into combat,
They solidify into stalagmites.

Beware of yourself, Fadereu. There is no difference between the nice man and the monster. The Pharoah is a slave of the sun.

On this day I take heed of elders who have come before me and seen this movement:

As the days passed, I no longer paid much attention to the internal play-by-play, and my inner sports-caster gradually faded like the sound of a transistor radio carried away down the beach. Cresting into one particular heartbeat one particular afternoon, I felt myself expand and dissolve into a spacious and enormous web of interdependence. There was no longer a world "out there" that sent me information that I processed "in here." Events simply occurred within a shimmering and bountiful field of lazy and luxurious becoming. A stomach rumble, a bird call, a flash of intense warmth in a knee, a warm breeze -- they were like notes in an atmospheric symphony, organically related but freed from the linear rule of melody or the steady beat of clocktime.
- Erik Davis, Meditating in Sensurround
Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Sun Tan Sen Ra Ga Dee Pak

Looking at a laptop, moving fingers
is meditating pure, participating in
the mindwork of Shiva it eeez. Shiva
has arrived on Earth to destroy doubt
with his sound of thought.

Give me the Internet for WAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR, Human - and I will leave reality with peace. HAHAHA!!

A performance that displays the internet as the mind of Shiva, what would it look like? It must be created solely by sound, of course - it must be the sound of thought. What does thought sound like? Do I need to become a language-less child again, bursting with cosmic energy that wants to express itself through my fragile sanity?

The artist must seek to dissolve himself within the performance, nullify the Self that separates thought from sound. At such extreme situations, it is often seen that strange phenomenon happen. The cognitive flow of the artist is shared by the audience almost directly. The metaphor for this performance probably lies within my immediate surroundings, the infosphere. So purely by using simple music instruments and the modulation of my voice, I should be able to create a sonic box around the audience and dance inside it da bloody tandava. How mythologically perfect that it was performed by Ravana!

Ravana received from Shiva the boon of indestructibility by all powers on heaven and earth - except by a human being. Distaining the seeming weakness of humans, Ravana abducted the wife of Rama, Lord Vishnu incarnate.

However, it can't be the Shivatandavastrotam that I will perform as it is. Perhaps I could start the performance with that, and then display its relationship to Shiva's nature. HAHAHAHAHA I must become an omnivistascope!!! Should I amplify my heartbeat as it races through loudspeakers and then dance while singing?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YAH! Interstellar travel should be for everyone. Cheapofy the hyperdrive! Burn the witch-CDs! I should also make some audio recordings and put them online here. Trance music disco light, by human voice wonly.

So far the performances that shine have created stars. It is not just a metaphor for celebrities depending on how much spacetime they occupy on the luminous screen. it is what they are - stars. In the near future the planet will take more interest in comets that come periodically and then go back - like avatars do. For example, I am now interested in this oooOOOOOOOrrrrrTTT Cloud.

In 1950 Jan Oort noticed that

1. no comet has been observed with an orbit that indicates that it came from interstellar space,
2. there is a strong tendency for aphelia of long period comet orbits to lie at a distance of about 50,000 AU, and
3. there is no preferential direction from which comets come.

From this he proposed that comets reside in a vast cloud at the outer reaches of the solar system. This has come to be known as the Oort Cloud. The statistics imply that it may contain as many as a trillion (1e12) comets. Unfortunately, since the individual comets are so small and at such large distances, we have no direct evidence about the Oort Cloud.



The same pattern is shown everywhere as the frequency of sound increases and Chladni patterns are formed. In the distribution of comets inside the oooOOOrt cloud, in the spin distribution of atomic electrons, in the salt that is rearranged on a vibrating plate, in the tomography of a human brain, in the magnetic interactions of bodies, and in light. [ See: Dialing the Sun]

A Shaivic Mythology For The Internet
Shiva's army consists of ganas, the literal meaning of which is "categories". The head of the ganas is naturally {Gana+Ish =} Ganesh. Democracy is a binary processor which is translated as gana-rajya or the Rule of Categories. One interesting analysis notes:

Those who feared the awful ghosts and goblins were destined to remain outsiders. Only heroes could be near him in the cremation ground, heroes who had defied death and liberated themselves from passions and fear. These were the true devotees - those who had nothing to fear, who had mastered the onslaught of the multiple categories of threatening powers that were fatal to those who were less than heroes and could not control the frightening phantoms because they had not controlled themselves.

One possible structural pataphor for the internet as rhizome of connections would be Shiva's jata or dreadlocks. He throws one dreadlock on the ground in anger and splits into two, creating two super-entities of extreme destructive power - Virabhadra and Mahakali, male and female respectively. So when a strand of trinary logic algebra breaks, two destructive binaries are born.
Each gana can be sen as a taxonomic category or label, a name of a "thought-subroutine" in the entire phylum that is Shiva's universe. Some good ideas about this can also be found in Mahesh Senagala's essay Circuits, Death & Sacred Fiction: The City of Banaras.

Banaras is the oldest continually ingabited city in the world, and it is on the banks of the Ganga. Senagala makes an astute algomantric observation:

The city is defined by neither the fort walls nor the boundaries, but by the circuits of sacred circumambulation. Instead of a map, these circuits around the city and its countless temples form a mandala in the minds of the devoted pilgrims, as they follow the routes chanting and reciting the myths and stories of the places that they come across. In this way, the pilgrims meditate the city and establish a correspondence between the city of the mind and the city of the material world. Ultimately, what people carry with them is the city of the mind, not the material city.

There is a distinction between the "map reading" and the "myth reading" images of the city. The mandala of Banaras is a kinesthetic and mytho-poetic image that one forms by experiencing the city and traversing it ritually in space. You may find your way by means of a map, but with a mandala, you become the mandala. Unlike a map, a mandala is a constellation of myths, legends, imagery and sensory experiences. Through chants and processions, the city is constantly conserved, imagined, created and revised. In the process of traversing the city, one existentially transforms one's own self into the city which is thus projected as an image of one's self.

At this point we can start making a few theories as to what Shiva is and what is the relationship of the self to Shiva. Of course, a simplification will follow in some time, and that's our objective.

1. The Universe seen by the self is a Consciousness in flow, which is like a river. this consciousness does not belong to the Self.

2. The river of consciousness flows out of an eye of Trinary logic, an algebraic ring theory represented by the trigram across Shiva's forehead. It is firmly tied with the rhizome, the phylum of categories and abstract machines that are Shiva's dreadlocks.

3. Chaos and negative feedback are chief qualities of Shiva, who is the cybernetic seed (bija). Al-gebra is translated as bija-ganit (seed categorisation) in Vedic terminology.

4. Vibration or sound is the nature of this consciousness, both inner and outer sonic experiences are the same. Even the presence of the smallest atomic objects is registered by sonic vibrations. Resonances also play an important role.

It would probably help to make a diagram of these concepts at some point.

Conclusion: There is a clear connection between Shaivic mythology with algebraic theory and logic, which forms the basis for computation. It also forms the basis of language and communication, which are the precursors to the Internet. Our goal is to be able to show this through a performance of music and storytelling in an entirely new way.
Sunday, June 25, 2006
The Nanditron Starts Here

A friend wrote from Bangalore today about the Virgin Comics (formerly Gotham Comics, India) launch, and the small gratis issue they have put online.

"Created by acclaimed film-maker Shekhar Kapur" - indeed, since the folking thing looks like a Hollywood animation movie's storyboard.

Its standard-edition mythology defines "yagya" as "self-imposed exile", which is so hahahahaha! And this is the depth of their research while attempting to revive "an Indian culture of superstition". They have launched "free promos" for 2 titles - Devi & Ramayana. [Just an aside, why do they insist that the promos ARE free?]

You will find the same obsession with "window by window" panels that Microsoft has firmly hypnotized into the American mind. The American mind does not belong to America anymore, of course, a perfect example being Shekhar Kapur, whose only claim to fame is a Bollywwod movie called Mr. India (which was Invisible Man + songs + Mogambo). And don't even get me started on how badly this has been written and scripted. "She never asked to be the devil, but she is..." I mean, WTF. More: "forced up their collectives asses", "Dark Lords, I've failed you!". UGH!!

You get me? It's like a stream of worn-out cliches - smelly socks hung upon the nylon of digitised images. The only saving grace on this piece of fetishistikshit is the anonymous artists who somehow manage to hold the damn thing together. This online comic is not a comic at all, its not a complete story. It's barely an advertisement cloaked as a trailer cloaked as a comic book. Why am I not suprised? I had expected a lot of bad film-makers to embrace the medium of this new century with "yantra clad claws" (see: Ramayana, page 16), and they are here with their shaman-in-chief - Deepak Chopra.

So what does the Ramayana teach us?

In fact, what does Hindu mythology really hide behind its many interweaving strands? Let us try and understand that, alone. Never together. First assumption: There is no one in this world but ME. Everything else, and everyone is a figment of my own sum of assumptions about life.

Now take for example Zizek's fabulous essay taking the piss out of "liberal communists".

The two faces of Bill Gates are exactly like the two faces of Soros: on the one hand, a cruel businessman, destroying or buying out competitors, aiming at a virtual monopoly; on the other, the great philanthropist who makes a point of saying: ‘What does it serve to have computers if people do not have enough to eat?’
- Slavoj Zizek, Nobody Has To Be Vile

In order to become Rama, teaches the Ramayana - you must defeat Ravana, the demon lord with ten heads. Since Ravana is simply a product of your (Rama's) mind, it represents ten ways of thinking, ten faces of human thought, and encourages you to destroy this multiplicity and become one streamline of consciousness. The Ramayana encourages you to conquer yourself. Villains of the modern world may sometimes be compared to Ravana, especially when they show duplicity (schizophrenia) - as in the case of tycoon-philanthropists.

In order to conquer Ravana (who rules a city of gold, built by the divine architect Vishwakarma) you must cross a wide sea by building a bridge. This bridge is also built inside the head of Rama by an army of monkeys, or mimics. Hanuman is a monkey/mimic who reflects Rama's desires (to be One with Sita) perfectly, and this is shown by his devotion and superhuman strength (that of the mind, since everyone is superhuman in the Ramayana). He leaps that insurmountable sea and sets Lanka afire with his tale. It is a leap between Rama's core, and his external faces - the multiple faces are burnt in the fire, and thus internal unity is achieved with the death of Ravana. It is a war of internal emotions, and a history of meditating upon the idea of Self.

Rama is an avatara (or updated version) of Vishnu, a subroutine in the prmordial software which consists only of three statements. These 3 statements formulate a logic, a ring theory, and a trinity. In particular, Vishnu represents "preservation" operator in this algebra of process, of which Krishna is a recurring form.

So Brahma is the source of thought, Krishna/Vishnu ARE the body of thought, and Shiva is the destroyer or rejuvenator of thoughts. He has the ability to kill thoughts, which gives way for new ones. In a way, he cleanses the universe of our minds from illusory demons. Vishnu has some peculiar characteristics:

The most celebrated act of Vishnu in the Rigveda is the 'three steps' by which he strode over this (universe) and in three places planted his step.

One early commentator, Aurnavabha, who is mentioned by Yaska in his Nirukta, interprets the three steps as the different positions of the sun at his rising, culmination, and setting. Though such solar aspects have been associated with Vishnu by tradition as well as modern-scholarship, he was not just the representation of the sun for in Rigveda he traverses in his strides both vertically and horizontally.

In hymns I.22.17, 1.154.3, 1.154.4 he strides across the earth with three steps, in VI.49.13 , VII.100.3 strides across the earth three times and in I.154.1,I.155.5,VII.29.7 he strides vertically, with the final step in the heavens. The same Veda also says he strode wide and created space in the cosmos for Indra to fight Vritra. By his stride he said to have made dwelling for men possible, the three being a symbolic representation of its all-encompassing nature. This all-enveloping nature, assistance to Indra and benevolence to men were to remain the enduring attributes of Vishnu. As the triple-strder he is known as Tri-vikrama and as Uru-krama for the strides were wide.(The reference to the three strides of Vishnu in the Rig Veda is most possibly a prototype for the later legend of Vamana.)

I will leave the discussion of Vishnu for a later need, but it suffices to know now that Vishnu preserves the Trinity of thought itself - yes/no/maybe. Brahma only creates the seed for thought, when doubt enters the mind. Shiva kills thought by making a man act in complete certainty and without any doubt. Shiva kills all doubt. Shiva is the "transformer" who transforms pure thought into a pure act. Shiva's popular representation is also associated with the lingam (phallus) since all human folly is associated with following its urges blindly (you're a dick, prick, lunda, etcetera).

The Shaivic lingum is always inside a "garbha griha" (sanctum sanctorum or cosmic womb), outside which sits a bull called Nandi. Since I'm committed to meditate upon the nature of Shiva over the next few months, which is a kind of worship, I'll seek the blessings of Nandi the Bull, he who blocks the way:

When the positive forces, the devas and the negative forces, the asuras joined together on the rare occasion to churn the mountain to obtain the nectar of immortality they utilized Vasuki, the serpent as the rope. The devas pulled from one end and the asuras from the other. In the process of churning, Vasuki, the snake vomits poison. This poison (human karma) was so dangerous that none of the gods or deities or asuras wanted to have a part of. It was extremely sticky and coming into contact with this poison, i.e, human karma, would in an instant bring the entity into the realms of human suffering and ego. As everyone ran away, Lord Shiva comes to help. He is the only cosmic dimension who could counteract this deadly poison. He takes all the poison in his hand and drinks it. Nandi, his most ardent follower sees the poison spill over Lord Shiva's mouth. Nandi drinks up the spilt poison from below. Everyone is shocked and wonders what would happen to Nandi. Lord Shiva says, "Nandi has surrendered into me so completely that he has all my powers and my protection".
Friday, June 23, 2006
Do it, Solo : Part II

hhhhHHHHoooOOOOoooookkkKKKKKK D 2 bbbbBBBtttTTbbbXXX

(vid: Yuri Lane, human beatbox, wid harmonica)

1. EWanDan video. What a great riddim he makes! Jiyo mere laal!

2. Yuri Lane is un-B-lee-viable. The things Tim Barsky does to a flute (so well) Yuri does to a harmonica. Check out the video. ZZZZDOZZZZNOTZZZMISSZZIT.
Thursday, June 22, 2006
Do it, Solo
Most of these geniuses are either doing beatbox versions of phophular songs or freestyle riddims. However, (((psst psst))) if they were doing actual komposition (((taka-bhush)), it would have to be the soundtrack of komputation (((tik-tak-toe))).

There is absolutely no doub-dt-bdbdbd-ttt in my mind-b-t about that. So here I lissst some of the videos with the best-t-b-d, according to me (((trrrrrrrr))).

With the moon revolving the tides change, the sea, aided by the wind perhaps, generates pools and streams on the beach, manmade filters, child's play, force water to stand still or flow in certain preordained directions. Logic can be sandbased, computation can be executed by waves. Every now and again somebody comes up with some arcane use of loops and to those who can appreciate the novelty it is as if you learned to drink water in an entirely new way.
- from Software Wants To Loop Forever [LINK]

Fadereu's Beatbox Select (((OMMMMM)))

1. Some anonymous artist doing a free style at a Beatbox Effex 2003 in California.

2. Killa Kella's recorded video, Secrets. It's pretty cool, but I prefer live gigs.

3. So here is a video of of Killa Kela, live. THIS IS MINDBLOWING, OKHAI??!!!

Fascinating also is Kela's scratch pad which he used to pen the lyrics of his latest album, Elocution.


For some strange reason, I want to have a spliff smoke with this guy someday.
Monday, June 12, 2006
Zambetti Turing Machine
So here is the first graphical representation of a Turing Machine, using 5 colours and two states (imagine the complexity with trisate!). There is also a Java applet which explains the opration very clearly and concisely. I think this is a fabulous work by a very inventive artist:

Modeled in a minimalist style that borrows heavily from mid 1980s video game concepts, the proposed representation is designed to appeal to those attracted to exploratory interaction with software. The minimalist interface allows for the complexity of displaying operations over time via buildup of graphics.

Now, if only Zambetti had added midi-music to his program, you could debug the code with it.



Check out RadarFunk, which is more of a very clever toy interface for creating music with patterns. This could very well be installed in nightclubs as an experiments thingie
Friday, June 09, 2006
Datafunk Crystalpunk
Listening to: "Building A Religion", by Cake

I am learning about cognitive style, from Tufte
Of Power Point. How to tile, the right style
My tesselations are going down the Nile (POSE!)
He signed the book, when I met Roger Penrose
Working out, eating no junk, to be a hunk
I'm a crystal punk, with crystal eyes and datafunk
I'm the science of art, the art of science
The sign of heart, engineering con-science
Monday, June 05, 2006
The 7-Day Search Meme

Dear Brain -

Pinky challenges you to prove that we have conquered the
world. Your time begins now.

Story: Paramvir Singh (30, sardaar) is a dedicated and
talented banda. He's a crossmedia (print/web/film) artist,
and an exceptional thinker. Naturally, he finds it difficult
to promote himself.

This herculean task now falls upon Pinky to ensure that Param finds
a freelance project of his liking, as soon as possible.
Pinky is certain
that there are people who need him right now
in Bombay, but don't know him.

Everyday the Brain forwards petitions aplenty, but the results
never come. What a f*&^ing waste of bandwidth! Lets try
and make one small thing work, eh Brain? Paramvir Singh's resume
is copied below,
and I vouch my word for your voucher, babydolls.

Your task is this! Get him a freelance
project within - that's right - 7 days.
As soon as
he gets the project, Pinky will post the result of this "7-Day Search Meme"
on my blog. You can Google "Paramvir Singh"
to find the result three days from now.

You have 7 days to accomplish this job.

Suggestion: Do not mass-forward this notice.
Send it only to one person who might be interested
in hiring Param, and send the mail with a small personal

*spit bubble supernova, bankshoot*

- Pinky

Thursday, June 01, 2006
By my green candlestick!!
[The illustration on the right is by Heath W. Robinson, entitled Modern carpet designs may provide endless entertainment for your guests - ]

I'm reading a 78-page essay by Christopher M. Fairman called Fuck, a very important document I feel:

This Article explores the intersection of the word fuck and the law. In four major areas, fuck impacts the law: First Amendment, broadcast regulation, sexual harassment, and education. The legal implications from the use of fuck vary greatly with the context. However, to fully understand the legal power of fuck, the nonlegal sources of its power must be tapped. Drawing upon the research of etymologists, linguists, lexicographers, psychoanalysts, and other social scientists, the visceral reaction to fuck can be explained by cultural taboo.

If you're unable to download this from the lovely SSRN document delivery service, email me and I'll forward the PDF to you. I'm also SIMULTANEOUSLY reading (or sampling?) a small translated excerpt from pataphysician (or pataphysicist?) Alfred Jarry's Ubu Roi:

PAPA UBU: Oh, I'll give in to the temptation. For shitsky's sakesky, for sakesky's shitsky, if I ever meet him somewhere in the woods, he'll have a hard time of it.
MAMA UBU: Oh good! Papa Ubu, now you have become a real man.

It is not entirely obvious from the beauty of this play that it was written by Jarry at the age of 15. This is enlightenment, you see? That moment when everything becomes clear as it was on the day of birth. I should write a play from which it is not entirely obvious that it was written when I was other words - when my diapers were my dialectic canvas.