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Monday, June 12, 2006
Zambetti Turing Machine
So here is the first graphical representation of a Turing Machine, using 5 colours and two states (imagine the complexity with trisate!). There is also a Java applet which explains the opration very clearly and concisely. I think this is a fabulous work by a very inventive artist:

Modeled in a minimalist style that borrows heavily from mid 1980s video game concepts, the proposed representation is designed to appeal to those attracted to exploratory interaction with software. The minimalist interface allows for the complexity of displaying operations over time via buildup of graphics.

Now, if only Zambetti had added midi-music to his program, you could debug the code with it.



Check out RadarFunk, which is more of a very clever toy interface for creating music with patterns. This could very well be installed in nightclubs as an experiments thingie
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