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Monday, June 05, 2006
The 7-Day Search Meme

Dear Brain -

Pinky challenges you to prove that we have conquered the
world. Your time begins now.

Story: Paramvir Singh (30, sardaar) is a dedicated and
talented banda. He's a crossmedia (print/web/film) artist,
and an exceptional thinker. Naturally, he finds it difficult
to promote himself.

This herculean task now falls upon Pinky to ensure that Param finds
a freelance project of his liking, as soon as possible.
Pinky is certain
that there are people who need him right now
in Bombay, but don't know him.

Everyday the Brain forwards petitions aplenty, but the results
never come. What a f*&^ing waste of bandwidth! Lets try
and make one small thing work, eh Brain? Paramvir Singh's resume
is copied below,
and I vouch my word for your voucher, babydolls.

Your task is this! Get him a freelance
project within - that's right - 7 days.
As soon as
he gets the project, Pinky will post the result of this "7-Day Search Meme"
on my blog. You can Google "Paramvir Singh"
to find the result three days from now.

You have 7 days to accomplish this job.

Suggestion: Do not mass-forward this notice.
Send it only to one person who might be interested
in hiring Param, and send the mail with a small personal

*spit bubble supernova, bankshoot*

- Pinky

2 Comments: Post a Comment
Blogger murmur said ..

where's the resume?

4:05 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said ..

Just mailed it to you, murmur.

9:44 PM