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Saturday, January 17, 2009
insekta: post-tribal trance music
Tracks 03 and 04 of the PinkNoiz project are now ready for download.

These are dedicated to that little cockroach who once danced on my teacup in the tiny hotel room, because only he realized that my atonal harmonica shrieks were actually the compositions of the future Mozart of insekta, a wholly new musical genre that aims at, as it's intended audience - only insects.

Perhaps that is what we have become underneath the veneer of human faces.

03: Stigmergence-II (mirror mix) : A single morchang recording looking at it's own reflection in the mirror of time can sound like a prayer to the dragonfly who recently paid me a warm visit.

04: Cockroach Mutiny: A superorganism revolts against it's human oppressors.

Picture: "The Insect God" by Edwin Young.

[LINK TO ARCHIVE PLAYER]: The embed is not working for some reason.


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