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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Do it, Solo
Most of these geniuses are either doing beatbox versions of phophular songs or freestyle riddims. However, (((psst psst))) if they were doing actual komposition (((taka-bhush)), it would have to be the soundtrack of komputation (((tik-tak-toe))).

There is absolutely no doub-dt-bdbdbd-ttt in my mind-b-t about that. So here I lissst some of the videos with the best-t-b-d, according to me (((trrrrrrrr))).

With the moon revolving the tides change, the sea, aided by the wind perhaps, generates pools and streams on the beach, manmade filters, child's play, force water to stand still or flow in certain preordained directions. Logic can be sandbased, computation can be executed by waves. Every now and again somebody comes up with some arcane use of loops and to those who can appreciate the novelty it is as if you learned to drink water in an entirely new way.
- from Software Wants To Loop Forever [LINK]

Fadereu's Beatbox Select (((OMMMMM)))

1. Some anonymous artist doing a free style at a Beatbox Effex 2003 in California.

2. Killa Kella's recorded video, Secrets. It's pretty cool, but I prefer live gigs.

3. So here is a video of of Killa Kela, live. THIS IS MINDBLOWING, OKHAI??!!!

Fascinating also is Kela's scratch pad which he used to pen the lyrics of his latest album, Elocution.


For some strange reason, I want to have a spliff smoke with this guy someday.
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