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Monday, May 15, 2006
Back 2 Back
I had two performances back to back this weekend, after which I got solidly drunk and smoked up before crashing out. Anyway, as I had expected, data is slowly spilling onto the Internet.

Here is my Flickr photostream from the performance for Friday Club at Indigo (Colaba). Er..but the show was for their Sunday brunch.

Saturday: @BarCampMumbai I used LEMu 2.0 for the music, and Vick Crishna slipped in a nice coda on his harmonica towards the end. It was the first time I had trid to juggle so many things at once, and here are some reviews from blogs:

The DJ performance was ok, I liked the concept but could not understand the story. My fault though, as I got there late and left midway. - Entrepreneur Geek

And a very generous review by Rudra on BarcampLive (thanks, Dude!):

Just done with the AWESOME talk about LISP... it was great I shall up date the techie date later but right now just to update you all I am in a cool Entertainment Program by DJ Fedreu (if I am spelling his name correctly.). It is some story by some astrologer.

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Anonymous Dhempe said ..

Heard your session was excellent man ! Awesome ! Hope to meet you sometime and see your performance live ! :)

11:49 PM 
Blogger Fadereu said ..

Harry - my IP is blocked by your livejournal settings, so could not say hullo there despite several tries.

Goa, huh? How about we organise BarCamp Goa?

12:03 AM 
Blogger prayas said ..

great! I can only see pictures as I couldn't make it...

but those who did: do blog about it!

the performance I could go to a couple of weeks back at an office in Bandra was: surprising, intimate, mysterious, layered.

rohit's stuff was literally floating into a space where I wasn't sure the words mattered at all! it was intense. am supposed to blog about it. soon.

5:00 AM