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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Sleeby Gonsalves
apna Kottke babu has linked to the work of Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves and says his work is "part Salvador Dali, part Rene Magritte, and part M.C. Escher".

I agree with the last two, but Dali - certainly not! It is clear from Rob's work that he's into "merging dualism" in almost every painting. Dali was more scatter-brained than all of the above combined. Where Gonsalves, Magritte & Escher showed a highly defined conceptual continuity - Dali kept on trying to confuse himself so that his work is nothing short of hallucinogenic.

I do like his work - and here is one entitled "The Performer & His Audience". You will see that many of his other paintings borrow from the same theme. [[LINK]]
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