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Saturday, February 16, 2008
Remuxed Super Mario Abstrakt Art
So this circuit-bender chap who calls himself Cementimental has a very strange hobby.

He rewires the actual chip inside a NES (Nintendo's early 8-bit game) console and makes sounds/videos out of it. This on your right is Super Mario's world scrambled bit by bit, its physics 'remixed' and 'scratched' at a totally metaphysical level. It's so cruel its almost beautiful.

Now considering that I have access to NES consoles at Rs 250 ($6-7) apiece, I don't really mind frying a few chips with a 9v battery. Though it would be far more useful to hack a new optical-sensor equipped controller so that my thumbs don't hurt so much!!!

(((((Mario, the princess is in another castle)))))
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