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Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Spellbinder: All ur reality is b-long to us...
Dr. Mark Wright at the University of Edinburgh and his colleagues have broken the reality barrier, as far as I see it. This is not your geotagging, GPS-caching, social networking application for cartographic simpletons - this is the new canvas on which will be born Picassos and Rembrandts, although my personal favorite is the pointillist - Seurat.

Here's what the Beeb sayeth:

"It's about using a camera phone as a magic wand," said Dr Mark Wright of the Division of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh who came up with the idea.

At the heart of Spellbinder, as the project is known, is a database of all the places that participants have added data to. People query it by taking a snap of a location with their phone then using multimedia text messages to send it to Spellbinder.

Although Spellbinder has been used to spot locations it could, said Dr Wright, be used to match almost anything.

"With Spellbinder, the real world becomes a computational resource," he said.

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