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Monday, July 30, 2007
The Cellphabet: What next?
On Saturday we did the first public exhibit of Cellphabet 1.0 in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. I walked for several hours and did three walking assignments -

1. Pratyush of Zee News whispered the word 'GOTCHA' in my ear. The walk worked fine for G and O, but then the tower signals got scrambled and GORG appeared from nowhere. I could only go next to a letter whose code began with '-'(minus) - so I asked Pratyush if I could walk Z, which went fine. So the assignment was only about 40% successful.

2. Next Abhay Sardesai of Art India asked me a question:"Where do the streets lead?" To this I wanted to respond by walking "MOON" but fearing that Gabriel (who was receiving the 'signals' by SMS) could get confused by the double 'O's, I decided to write 'MONEY'. MONE went fine and I got a freak 'L' instead of Y, which I did again. I'd say this is where I came closest to spelling my first word correctly in English.

3. I was too tired by this time, but the last question was asked by Jana of Time Out - "What is money". I wanted to write ART, but I gave up when AY appeared.

Officially my walk began at 2PM and concluded at about 7PM, but I had been walking to test the phone's software and cell tower signals since 11AM that day - so no wonder that my feet are still recovering. While I do that, you can head over to some of the pictures we took that day. I'll be uploading the source code on the PyS60 Applications wiki, the hall of fame.

The Cellphabet Wiki
is now online. You can also download the Python for S60 source code there.

1. The Cellphabet announcement
2. The Cellphabet Explained
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