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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
The Countdown Begins

I'll be releasing my secret project within 7 days now, and it's not J.U.N.G.L.E. as earlier planned. In the meantime, Clive Thompson@Wired finally came up with something that makes some sense of generation Twitter:

It's like proprioception, your body's ability to know where your limbs are. That subliminal sense of orientation is crucial for coordination: It keeps you from accidentally bumping into objects, and it makes possible amazing feats of balance and dexterity.

Twitter and other constant-contact media create social proprioception. They give a group of people a sense of itself, making possible weird, fascinating feats of coordination.

However, kind of coordination would require some kind of syntax or mark-up. Twitter is a chaotic, unstructured data, very difficult to 'mine' for meaningful objects.

In other random links, a variant of the esoteric prog-lang aptly called brainfuck is Piet, named after a famed Dutch painter.

MISC: The World's Tiniest PC's
I wonder why they haven't included the Nokia N70 ;)
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