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Sunday, May 06, 2007
ऐँल्गो-मनत्रा अब hindi मॆं भी!
Hm, I'm just going to coredump some of the useful webpages I saw today from the cybercafe. Notes to myself, as usual:

1. Read this essay later on your laptop. From Entering the Machine and Leaving It Again: Poetics of Software in Contemporary Art by Florian Cramer:

Psychogeographic computing has a double effect: It demystifies computing and turns it into a radically simple and popular low-tech and low-cost operation. Secondly, it liberates the imagination of what a computer can be and which purposes it may serve. has expanded and systematized this idea into a broader concept of "speculative programming" in which computing becomes a figure of thought and reflection not only in theory, but also in artistic practice.

2. research.techwondo blog has stuff on urban gaming. Lots of clues to my secret project of Building an API for an Urban Time Machine.

3. Also by Florian Cramer Words Made Flesh : Code, Culture, Imagination - this is going to be essential for my next chapter of RmxRpblk'

4. Bibliodyssey: Great blog!
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