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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
The Remix Republik!

The first chapter of my ongoing book project The Remix Republik is now online, and you can download it for free here {LINK TO PDF}. Here is the description of the book:

India is predicted by many as a rising star in the global village nightsky, but only one book describes the new zodiac. In the dark theatre of DJ Fadereu's mind, Google Earth and binary computation copulate with Hindu avatars and Vedic timekeeping, Neitzche necks with nadabrahma, and Baudrillard blows apart Bollywood.This cybernetic ride flickers uneasily through the vast landscape of Indian and Western techno-philosophy.

Meanwhile, the murder of reality is imminent. The media are converting each street into a studio, masses into extras, and life itself into the new movie. The dynamics of these phenomenon are mediated by a new logic of speed, and a new movement determines the games of territorial power. The present, the past and the future have become exceedingly intertwined in the instantaneous (and yet ancient) society we live in - we are the remixed republic. The state of siege now remains poised at the most dramatic point in our history since the Partition of 1947.

The world's oldest civilization, the author hopes, will rise to the challenge with befitting ingenuity....

If you like the chapter, please consider donating some cash by clicking the Paypal button below.

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Blogger Varunan said ..

The Nietzsche quotation in your novel is not correct.. 'super' is missing..

7:39 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said ..

really? I'll check it again.

11:31 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said ..

You were right, I missed the "super". thanks for pointing out the mistake. The next upload will have the correction.

12:51 AM 
Blogger piyush mehta said ..

the sketch naming 'dj fadereu', you posted on,may i know which type of art it is called?is it a modern sketch or th traditional one?
i also sketchs,nd i liked it,thats why i want to know

6:13 AM