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Sunday, May 11, 2008
Chitra Bandham - geometric poems
Geekery and crystalpunkism had reached its first peak in the vedic age, with Sanskrit poetry. Tesselating, combinatorially gossamer, and mathematically dense syllabic verse is not uncommon in the poetry of that age. However, it takes a special kind of talent to work on verse that can be interpreted AS geometry - chitra bandham - or verse that follows a geometric pattern, for instance the figure of the Lotus flowerą„¤

Go, vedicrystalpunks!!!

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Blogger Bidisha said ..

The chitra bandhan site is really useful to know about, as is the David Byrne building. Thanks for the posts. Now, if only there was some building, somewhere, with lotus tiles that, when stepped on, made fragile, complex music in accordance with chitra bandhan rules...

8:41 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said ..

That's a nice thought to keep in any mind, especially a dancer's. A lot of media artists have been working on similar interfaces which blur the distinction between dancing and playing music.

8:49 PM