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Monday, February 12, 2007
Spinor Psychogeography
The act of walking needs to be quantized on the basis of quaternions, and for this reason I find the idea of spinors very appealing. The three hypercomplex vectors (i,j & k) can represent three unit spins. The forward and backward movement may be considered rotations around the I-axis, movement sideways can be seen as rotation around the J-axis, and movement up or down in height (through stairs or elevators) can be called rotation around the K-axis. So each walking agent is a spinor, in that sense.

Now only if the quaternion equation was true for displacement in this hypercomplex space. Maybe I'm just too stupid.

My eyes just caught the XBox action in the screen next door, a kid playing some "road rage" type of game. What the psychogeographical agent too needs is a "joystick" based on spinors, so you can roll and flip like in the CG world - in the real world! There could be a way of recording all the movements of this rollerball via GPS, but wouldn't it be cooler if it were done by hand?

The pattern is your hand is your history, and your future. It is money.


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