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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Hamlet's Mill
Wahoo! I found the entire text of a book I needed, online. I was looking for a book that could summarily connect the processes involved in the construction of mythology, and the processes involved in computation. Via astronomy, this connection is established by Hamlet's Mill:An Essay Investigating the Origins of Human Knowledge and Its Transmission Through Myth (anonymous commentary follows from Fusion Anomaly):

The implications of Hamlet's Mill appeared to me nothing short of revolutionary:

* Embedded within myths were astronomical observations at least as accurate as carbon dates, thus enabling investigators to compare the content of myths so dated with the archaeological record.

* Was it not possible that myth represented the "software" that would show us how to run the "hardware" of ancient astronomical monuments?

* Was it not possible that the term prehistory was a misnomer if oral tradition possessed the means to transmit not only the seminal philosophical ideas of the human race, but the precise skies (i.e., internal linktime) that inspired these thoughts?

* And, as a consequence, did not a completely unsuspected history of the human race--in the form of the recorded myths of ancient and contemporary "prehistoric" (nonliterate) peoples--lie gathering dust in internal linklibraries around the world?

Picture: Hamlet's Mill by Ken O'Neil
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