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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Is rhizogramming the new kinetic art I'm looking for?
Michael Betancourt's essay Motion Perception in Movies and Painting:
Towards a New Kinetic Art
veers quite close to the kind thing Mahesh Senagala has described in his paper on Rhizogramming : A Synaesthetic Transformation Of The Designer's Mind (PDF). Betancourt writes in conclusion:

The possibility of a cognitive link in our interpretation of movement in both painting and movies also proposes the possibility for hybrid works that employ aspects of both art forms. One such potential is the flickering shutter (literally a strobe or flickering light) used to illuminate and create motion in what are otherwise completely static images. In effect this places the movies' content literally on "screen." Such a kinetic painting is a logical potential that resides within this conceptualization. To even consider it a possibility requires that the basis for motion in film and painting be examined with the framework described in this paper.

1. [LINK to Essay]
2. [LINK] to Bin Danh gallery
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Anonymous Greg Turner said ..

I still don't understand how drawing something akin to a scribble without looking at it could inform the design process especially if the result is not used in the design. Scrathes head. I'll have to investigate more perhaps.

7:05 AM