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Monday, April 25, 2005
Participants etc...
If you wish to join the following list of participants, please proceed to the Wiki and simply edit the page to update it. Player's kits will be given out at the venue, the Ghetto pub (near Mahalaxmi Temple) at 6PM, 29th April.

AlgoMantra Administrators:

1. Matti Pohjonen, researcher, Bombay
2. Rohit Gupta, writer, Bombay
3. Tatu-Ilari Laukkanen, film-maker, Helsinki

AlgoMantra Participants:

1. Angad Choudhary, researcher, Bombay
2. Soumyadeep Paul, film-maker, Bombay
3. Siddhartha Sharma, musician-engineer, Pune
4. Mehul Dhorda, biologist
5. Sandy Henderson,
6. Aishwarya, literature student
7. Mike Atherton, writer
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