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Sunday, December 21, 2008
PinkNoiz, track02: "Amy & the Cephalopod's Lemma"
Here is the second track of my ongoing production of the PinkNoiz album - "Amy & the Cephalopod's Lemma". The song is inspired by the mystery surrounding the "bloop", an undersea sound recorded in 1997 by a hydrophone array.

This song is dedicated to my friend Amy Schexnayder, who is very fond of numbers and mathematics as I am. I wondered how a conversation between a giant space-faring cephalopod and Amy would unfold, considering that cephalopod has way more tentacular digits to count with. The result is this track. Merry Christmas, Amy!

I'm not going to reveal the instruments or transforms I used to create this one.

The image is a self-portrait by my other-brother Matti Pohjonen.

[Download (9.7MB mp3)] or visit the page to embed the song in your blog like this:


Tuesday, December 02, 2008
Pink Noiz, track01: "Stigmergence"

"Stigmergence", the first single release from the accidental music album Pink Noiz by DJ Fadereu.

Notes: I played the morchang (Rajasthani jaw harp) and algoza (twin flutes) separately, before mixing them by channeling the randomness inherent within nature and a useful tool for audio mixing called Sox, on my laptop running Ubuntu 8.04.

3.2 MB MP3 [Download]

You may embed the song player used above in your blog post by using the code given here.