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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
AlgoYatra playing manual
Take a print of this playing sheet, get a six-faced dice, and roll! The players are also given a standard map of the area, in this case, Mani Bhavan at Laburnum Road, Gamdevi (Bombay)
Organic Poetry @ Ghetto

Organic Poetry @ Ghetto
Originally uploaded by Crook Bond Jasoos.
A picture of the wall at Ghetto pub in Mahalaxmi, Bombay, after it was mobbed by silent participants of AlgoMantra 2005. We needed to loosen up at kick-off so we didn't follow "the rules" (see manual below) of Organic Poetry, but the graffiti was a lot of fun!
OrganicPoetry Playing Manual
This is a manual for playing Organic Poetry that can be printed out, in the form of a comic strip. Artwork by Matti Pohjonen, script by Rohit Gupta Posted by Hello